AGSL Person-centred, tailored care to “living life fully”


To provide high quality domiciliary care at affordable cost for people aged 18

–  65  years  old  and  diagnosed  with  Learning  disability,  Autism  Spectrum Disorder, Sensory Impairment, Dementia, Strokes, Physical Disabilities and mental health disorders. We also support people who are going through the recovery  process,  living  with  enduring  illnesses,  ailments  and  complex conditions who are seeking to live independent lives.

We offer a tailormade person-centred care approach to the assessment of the individual’s  needs.  The  process  will  include  the  identification  of  goals,  the methodology for fulfilling those goals and a thorough risk assessment.

We require individuals to tell us what they want and how they want the service delivered. Our aim would be to do our best to meet those requirements.


Our values are at the core of everything we do; being totally committed to what we do and the people we care for. We offer services that are CARING AND  PERSONAL.  We  listen  to  your  opinions,  respecting  everyone  as  an individual and will be responsive to your changing needs.

Avant Garde’s “living life fully” and offers Respect, Empathy and Dignity

Avant Garde’s care givers are recruited for their compassion and empathy and this is underpinned with their knowledge, skills and experience. We ensure that they share our values and share our commitments to providing completely bespoke care with dignity at the core all the time, every time.

All members of our care teams are the product of our rigorous recruitment process, throughout which they are assessed from their first telephone interview, through to completion of their compulsory training.

Avant Garde services are registered and regulated by the Care Quality Commission. This means our services are regularly inspected and assessed against regulatory guidelines.